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Saturday, August 6, 2011

About Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings PictureBefore you are considering in purchasing a princess cut diamond engagement ring, I think this simple tips will be helpful. I have posted about this related topic here: Makeityourring diamond engagement rings . The princess cut style is only second to the round cut brilliant when it comes to styles to order for that all important proposal day. It's a perfect choice for the person who doesn't want to be just like everyone else but who does enjoy a little bit of tradition. The princess cut is still an excellent choice for reflecting light and showing off the clarity of the gemstone.

But, what makes a princess cut diamond engagement ring? Basically, it is all about the shape of the gemstone. From the top, or the front face of the ring, the diamond appears to be square. However, if you're able to view the entire stone, you'll see the shape is actually more of an inverted pyramid, with the point of the pyramid buried in the setting. To be specific, the crown of the stone is rounded, and the pavilion is shaped like cone, with beveled edges.

We won't find too many vintage rings that feature the princess cut since it is relatively new. It originated in the 1960s and has only become popular in recent years. Jewelers tend to favor the princess cut over most of the others because it doesn't waste as much of the original stone as the other typical cuts do. This allows them to increase their salable material.



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